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Toronto Tailor emphasizes the art of understated elegance, offering meticulously crafted garments that subtly showcase affluence without flashy logos or overt designs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every garment resonates with those who understand the essence of true luxury.
The custom garment production timeline is consistent. After the initial fitting, the try-on phase spans around four weeks, which can extend based on design complexity or high-demand seasons. Following a successful try-on, another four weeks are typically needed before the garment is ready for pick-up.
Our tailoring journey begins with an in-depth consultation and fitting session. We utilize a specialized measurement system to craft a distinct paper pattern tailored to your exact dimensions. This meticulous approach ensures an impeccable fit that complements your physique and posture.
We offer a vast array of luxurious fabrics, empowering clients to express their unique style. From pure new wool, cashmere, and silk blends for jackets to breathable materials like cotton pique and linen for summer wear, we prioritize quality in every stitch.
While most clients find the initial try-on to match their expectations, we understand the importance of perfection. If extra fittings are necessary, we ensure the final product meets our exacting standards, making necessary adjustments for a flawless fit.
Every piece we craft is assigned a unique identifier and recorded. This system allows efficient sourcing of materials for potential repairs. Clients also receive guidance on garment care to ensure the longevity and preservation of its form.
Yes, we operate strictly by appointment to ensure personalized attention. This approach allows us to maintain the caliber of our offerings and provide each client with the dedicated service they deserve.
Toronto Tailor offers a comprehensive range of men’s clothing, including blazers, trousers, shirts, vests, jerseys, outerwear jackets, coats, trenches, polo shirts, and T-shirts. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and local craftsmanship.

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