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Our unique approach to modern tailoring, where personal style meets precision craftsmanship. Our services cater to your needs, offering custom-fit, stylish garments designed for the modern man. Experience the fusion of contemporary design and expert tailoring in Toronto, and begin your journey to sartorial excellence with us.

Custom Garment Production Timeline

For every custom garment, the timeline follows a consistent process. After the initial fitting session, the try-on phase typically spans around four weeks. This duration can extend based on the complexity of the design or during high-demand seasons and holiday periods. Following a successful try-on, another four weeks are usually needed before the garment is ready for pick-up. While the majority of our clients find the initial try-on to match their expectations, there are times when extra fittings become necessary to ensure the final product meets our exacting standards.

Initiating Your Tailored Experience

Our journey with you kicks off with an in-depth consultation and fitting session. This step is crucial as we undertake a thorough measurement process, laying the groundwork for your bespoke garment.

In collaboration with you, we delve into our vast fabric collection, boasting over 5000 unique cloth samples. This collaborative approach ensures we capture your desired style and intricate details.

Precision in Tailoring

Utilizing our specialized measurement system, we craft a distinct paper pattern tailored to your exact dimensions. This pattern is then meticulously transferred to the chosen fabric, creating the “TRY-ON.” This stage involves hand-preparation of the fabric, temporarily stitched to allow for any forthcoming modifications.

Our “SARTORIAL” service offers an intermediary step for those seeking the utmost precision. Here, we use plain-woven cotton fabric to produce a “SAMPLE TRY-ON,” prioritizing this over the main fabric for mid-fitting.

In the subsequent mid-fitting session, our seasoned team refines the garment, marking and adjusting to enhance the fit, ensuring it complements your physique and posture seamlessly.

Final Touches & Handover

After incorporating feedback and adjustments from the mid-fitting, we deconstruct the garment to set the stage for its final assembly. With meticulous attention to detail, our experts hand-finish each piece at our Toronto location. Clients are then invited back for a concluding fitting session, ensuring the garment meets their expectations before the final pick-up.

Every piece we craft is assigned a unique identifier and recorded. This system allows us to efficiently source materials for any potential repairs due to wear and tear. Clients receive guidance on garment care to ensure longevity and preservation of its form. Furthermore, we archive master patterns with detailed annotations from our cutters and tailors, laying a robust foundation for subsequent creations.

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